Organization of the Agency

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Organization of the Agency.gif (另開視窗) Organization of the Agency

◆ The office consists of four sections:

1. Planning Section: Water resources and conservancy affairs; planning of basic hydrological measurements and surveys, analysis and management of hydrologic data; Regulation planning of rivers drainages and coastal dikes.

2. Construction Section: Surveys and design of flood control facilities; administration of and supervising construction affairs.

3. Management Section: Management of rivers, drainages and coastal dikes; surveys of river and coastal dike areas; acquisition of construction lands; prevention, ban and punishment of violating acts, etc.

4. Property Section: Supplies, allocation, transportation and maintenance of equipment, tools, computer and network affairs.

◆ And four supplement sections :

1. Secretary Section: In charge of appraisals, records, official seals, teller, general affairs, public relations, civilians affairs, and miscellaneous not covered by other sections and offices.

2. Accounting Section: In charge of budgeting, accounting and statistics.

3. Personnel Section: In charge of personnel management. 
Ethic Section: In charge of ethic affairs.

4. Ethic Section: In charge of ethic affairs. 


◆ Our authorized staff includes 54 official workers (see the following chart), 14 technicians, 5 temporary workers and 4 drivers.

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Updated: 2017-09-30