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1. Expedite the remediation of the Keelung River, Jingmei River and Taliaokeng River, ensure safe living of the residents, and improve the quality of the governmental administration.

2. Create natural hydrophilic spaces and recreation areas of human-water coexistence to benefit city residents and improve the quality of urban living.

3. Survey river conditions, shape the river scenic attributes, dredge and tidy up rivers, and create diversified water-accessible environments of various rivers.

4. According to the government's “Challenge 2008 -Council for Economic Planning and Development,? emphasize water resources management, utilization, accessibility and activation, value resources recycling and ecological protection, improve living environment, and expand infrastructure of water and greenery.

5. Conforming to the government policy, acquire various new river lands around water conservancy facilities in the precinct, utilize public lands, accomplish greenery-beautification of environments and expand water-accessible spaces, and improve river-control ecological efficiency.

6. In addition to forest conservation and hillside soil conservation, remedy the whole river basin, check earth flow, and ensure the security of downstream flood control facilities.

7. Due to the limitation of budget and labors, the 1999 “Regulations Governing the Maintenance of Taiwan Provincial Drainage Facilities?was not fully implemented and operated. Moreover, due to a lack of water conservancy facilities, the planning and management should be expedited to avoid possible floods.

8. The government has put in two or three decades of efforts and invested more than 100 billion NT dollars in the Taipei area flood prevention projects and other branches remediation works. Most middle and downstream rivers have reached the 200-year-flood protection criteria, whereas the middle and up-stream of Keelung River, the up-stream of Sindian River and Dahan River, Jingmei River’s upper stream north of Shenkeng, and the whole Sansia River, have not been remedied and should be taken care of soon so that the whole river basin reaches the same protection standard.

9. Due to over-development of the lands, river runoffs increase yearly; therefore, promoting the control regulations on the total amount of the river basin flood and executing Danshuei River basin planning, are the top plans for watershed conservation and land usage management.

10.We hope that the beautiful scenery of Danshuei River will run close to that of the Rhine in Europe in the near future and become world-renowned. 

  • Date:2017-09-30
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Updated: 2017-09-30