Flood Control Command Center

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Objective of Establishment


objective od establishmentTo execute the unified operational business of various flood control and drainage facilities of the Danshuei River's segments outside Taipei City, the Minister of Economic Affairs established “Danshuei River Basin Flood Control Command Center, Water Resources Agency, MOEA.? 









Content of Operation


  1. content of operationCollection of Hydrologic observation data of Dansuie River basin
  2. Collection of operation information of reservoirs, gates and other flood control facilities
  3. Integrate various fields of information, reduce the time of contact and inquiry, and improve flood control efficiency.
  4. Coordinate flood control operations of various flood control units.
  5. Utilize flood forecast modes to gain over time for disaster relief.






Orfanization & Duties



“Danshuei River Basin Flood Control Command Center? is responsible for issuing commands for flood control facility operations in the Danshuei River basin. Because various related facilities are managed by different organizations, flood control is operated by way of unified command and individualized execution.


  • Danshuei River Basin Flood Control Command Center
    collecting and analyzing hydrologic data, command of flood control operation, issuing flood notice & alarm, flood forecasting, water gates inspection, contact & supervision.
  • North Water Resources Office, Water Resources Agency
    Shih-Men Reservoir flood control operation.
  • The Tenth River Management Office, Water Resources Agency
    water gates operation and supervision.
  • Northern Engineering Office, Construction and Planning Agency
    assisting pumping station operation and supervision.
  • Major Bridges Construction Office, Directorate General of Highways
    dikes maintenance and repairing on bridges construction sites
  • Taiwan Water Supply Corporation
    tap water pipelines maintenance and repairing.
  • Local governments
    operations of water gates and pumping stations; disaster rescue
  • Disaster reduction centers of local governments
    transmitting flood forecasts and alarms; executing evacuation And disaster rescue.

table of framework of the danshuei river basin flood control command center

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Updated: 2017-10-02