Flood Forecasting

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Flood Forecasting

Times and information for issuing of flood announcements and alarms during periods of flooding period:

When the water level is below warning stage, flood announcements are issued at 9AM, noon, and 5PM daily, including:

1. Rainfall data of the river basin.
2. Water level data of rivers and reservoirs.
3. Matters needing attention.

When the water level is above warning stage, flood announcements are issued every four hours, including:

1. Rainfall data of the river basin.
2. Water levels of observation stations.
3. Water level of each reservoir.
4. Alarm areas and matters.
5. Forecast of water levels of important locations.

 Methods of Flood Forecast:

During typhoon and flooding periods, the official notices of flood announcements or flood alarms are issued through the emergency measures unit of the Ministry of Economic Affairs by way of facsimile to relative governmental offices, enabling early alarms and forecasts and disaster prevention measures. The general public can visit the Web site of this office for latest updates on water conditions.


Future Prospects


  1. Flood Forecasting Entrust professionals to establish systemized automatic flood forecast mode for greater efficiency and less human errors.
  2. Establish standard procedures for facility expansion, maintenance, and operation.
  3. Continue Research on flood forecasting technology
  4. Combine hi-tech communication equipments, establish automatic data-collecting facility and instant river images management to grasp the latest river conditions.
  5. Broaden the scope of propaganda and education; provide internet service for the general public’s viewing and checking; establish a river archive for the Danshuei River basin.

  • Date:2017-10-02
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Updated: 2017-10-02