Flood Early Warning System Of Danshuei River Basin

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Taiwan is invaded by typhoons every year. The Danshuei River is 159 km long, with a basin area of 2726 km2. The administrative areas in the basin include Taipei County and Keelung City, with about 650 million residents. Since 1960 the Water Resources Agency has started flood control related projects and policy planning, and has started Taipei area flood control constructions in 1963. Furthermore, non-structural]measures were conducted to reduce the loss due to floods. Therefore, it is planned to utilize instant water conservancy and weather forecast data to establish thorough flood forecast systems.



Hydrological Observation facilities


 Command Center◆Command Center

Located at No.1 Ciao-tou, Sec. 2, Sihchuan Rd., Banciao City, it is the command and issuing center of the forecast system.








Water Stage Stations

◆Water Stage Stations

There are 42 stations









Rainfall Stations◆Rainfall Stations

There are 8 stations









Relay Station◆Relay Station

Datongshan Relay Station.










Communication Systems


  1. communication systemsWater measurement and forecast systems adopt the whole set of wireless automatic forecast systems, transmitting data and acoustic frequency through phase modulation communications. Data transfer mode is of simplex and radio transmission is of Half-Duplex.
  2. To grasp relative water measurement & forecast data and conditions of reservoirs operations, set up multi-mode communication facilities to instantly transmit talks, data and images.
  3. Data from each stations are managed by the center, automatically transmitted to the center where they are displayed on the indication board, and formulas are input directly to conduct simulated water conditions analysis. The results are sent via data links to various related offices for references.




Datunshan Relay Station
Datunshan Relay Station
Guanyinshan Microwave Relay Station
Guanyinshan Microwave Relay Station

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