Cheart of Danshuei River Basin Flood Control Operation

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Cheart of Danshuei River Basin Flood Control Operation.gif (另開視窗) Cheart of Danshuei River Basin Flood Control Operation

Cheart of Danshuei River Basin Flood Control Operation:

◆ Central Weather Bureau:

Provides information on typhoon development, instant rainfall, various meteorological cloud maps, radar echo charts.

◆ The Tenth River Management Office, WRA:

Provides information on the instant rainfall of Danshuei River basin, river stage, and image-monitoring .

◆ Yuansantze Flood Diversion Management Center:

Provides information on Yuansantze Floodway, instant stages of weirs, and image-monitoring.

◆ North Water Resources Office:

Provides information on the Shih-Men Reservoir's operation, the rainfall of the upstream storage areas, water stages, and images.

◆ Fei-Tsui Reservoir Management Office:

Provides information on Fei-Tsui Reservoir's operation, the rainfall of the upstream storage areas, water stages, and images.

◆ Automatic Real-time Data-collecting& Checking System:

  • Communication Methods:Radio, satellite, microwave, dedicated line, and multiple dial-ups system, ensuring free-flowing of information.
  • Collecting Method:Timed transmission, automatic transferring into data bank.
  • Direction of Work Flow:A series of cascaded integration from data collection, examination, supplement and storage, to subsequent flood forecast and display of decision support.
  • Checking Mechanism:Automatic monitoring, grasping conditions of data flow, and providing various maintenance reports for analysis of problem causes and improvement tracking.

◆ Danshuei River Basin Flood Forecast System:

The system is based on the Danshuei River basin's 16 branch storage areas and forecasts the 1 to 6-hour stages of the basin's branches (Dahan River, Sindian River, Keelung River) with automatically driven flow rate, and administers the Danshuei River basin forecast system to reach the capacity of 24-hour river and flood forecast. The system is forecasting the inflow capacities of the storage areas of Shih-Men Reservior and Fei-Tsui Reservoir, and the flood diversion amount of Yuansantze. The system can store the forecast results based on typhoon or downpour events, and use them as the basis for forecast analysis or parameter adjustment.

◆ Flood Control Information & Display System of Danshuei River Basin:

  • Meteorology Display:Typhoon locus maps, satellite cloud maps, accumulated rainfall charts, sub-area/entire-area radar echo charts.
  • Water Conditions Display:Rainfall/stages/pumping stations distribution maps, rainfall composition charts, stages/pumping stations historical curves charts, hourly rainfall/stages charts, instant pumping station images.
  • Reservoir Display:Pictures of present dam conditions, reservoir historical curves charts, reservoir operation gauge graphs, reservoir hourly stage/flow charts.
  • Flood Forecast Display:Comparison charts of calculated stage curves and actual measurements, diagrams of stage/flow rate curves, longitudinal wave charts of basin stage/flow, average rainfall charts of the 16 divisions, forecast diagrams of the river outlet astronomical tide levels, diagrams of cross-sections and river stages and flows.

  • Date:2017-09-30
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Updated: 2017-09-30