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  1. Expedite the remediation of the Keelung River, Jingmei River and Taliaokeng River, ensure safe living of the residents, and improve the quality of the governmental administration.
  2. Create natural hydrophilic spaces and recreation areas of human-water coexistence to benefit city residents and improve the quality of urban living.
  3. Survey river conditions, shape the river scenic attributes, dredge and tidy up rivers, and create diversified water-accessible environments of various rivers.
  4. According to the government's “Challenge 2008 -Council for Economic Planning and Development,? emphasize water resources management, utilization, accessibility and activation, value resources recycling and ecological protection, improve living environment, and expand infrastructure of water and greenery.
  5. Conforming to the government policy, acquire various new river lands around water conservancy facilities in the precinct, utilize public lands, accomplish greenery-beautification of environments and expand water-accessible spaces, and improve river-control ecological efficiency.